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Well hello there. My name is Dean Geyer and you probably know me from Glee or Never Back Down 2. I was also on a tv show called neighbors and if you don't know me from any of that then you must be a fan from my Idol days. Welcome to my blog. If you want to talk I'm more than willing to talk to you especially if you wish to ask about the girl of my dreams. My Queen. My Moon. My everything. Yes I am talking about the beautiful and talented Dianna Agron. I'm very happy to be taken by her and also very happy to now be the father of our little girl. Sophie Elise Geyer. Most beautiful thing on earth besides her mother. God I'm such a happy man.

A little game/Agreyer

Dean had been spending a lot of time online trying to find houses that they could look at and he could tell that di was getting frustrated with him. He decided that maybe this time they could do something together. Just them two and a full day in bed. After a slightly busy morning they both finally ended up taking a nap and Dean happened to be the first one up. He rolled over kissing her cheek trying to wake her. “Baby.. baby wake up.” He moved his hand to her stomach rubbing softly before slowly letting his hand move downward. “Wake up or I will have to wake you myself..”

Posted: 1 year ago
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    Dianna finished getting ready putting one of her comfortable maternity dresses on since all of her clothes were starting...
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    "I’ll put the clothes on then." He said smiling wide as he walked away from her. He just loved how one minute they could...