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Well hello there. My name is Dean Geyer and you probably know me from Glee or Never Back Down 2. I was also on a tv show called neighbors and if you don't know me from any of that then you must be a fan from my Idol days. Welcome to my blog. If you want to talk I'm more than willing to talk to you especially if you wish to ask about the girl of my dreams. My Queen. My Moon. My everything. Yes I am talking about the beautiful and talented Dianna Agron. I'm very happy to be taken by her and also very happy to now be the father of our little girl. Sophie Elise Geyer. Most beautiful thing on earth besides her mother. God I'm such a happy man.

SuperBowl Blues/Agreyer

As Dianna walked out of the room Dean pulled himself up groaning as quietly as possible. He was getting better but his back still hurt like a bitch sometimes. He grabbed his water bottle off the dresser in the room and grabbed his pill bottle taking his pain pill. Luckily he knew it wouldn’t take long for it to kick in. Moving back to the bed he laid down on his stomach. His ribs didn’t hurt as bad as they had before so he was glad. He probably looked pretty pathetic right now. Laying in pain on his stomach in nothing but his boxers and the bandage on his back. As he heard her coming back he looked up at her. “Did you find something good babe?”

Posted: 1 year ago
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    "You better." She smirked pressing her face against his neck. "Oh I’m sure you enjoyed the crazy." She smirked shaking...
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    "I’ll root for anyone you tell me to babe." He pulled her closer and smiled wide. "The crazy was nice. Anytime you want...
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