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Well hello there. My name is Dean Geyer and you probably know me from Glee or Never Back Down 2. I was also on a tv show called neighbors and if you don't know me from any of that then you must be a fan from my Idol days. Welcome to my blog. If you want to talk I'm more than willing to talk to you especially if you wish to ask about the girl of my dreams. My Queen. My Moon. My everything. Yes I am talking about the beautiful and talented Dianna Agron. I'm very happy to be taken by her and also very happy to now be the father of our little girl. Sophie Elise Geyer. Most beautiful thing on earth besides her mother. God I'm such a happy man.

Cooking Mistake/Agreyer

Dean was getting hungry and after talking with Dianna about her being hungry as well he decided to go fix her something. He was not feeling too well so he took some medicine not even reading it to make sure he got the right measurement. As he started to cook he sat down waiting for what was in the skillet to finish cooking and as he rested his head against the table he slowly drifted off into sleep. The sound of a very loud alarm started going off and as Dean opened his eyes he was faced with a sight that he would never ever forget. Somehow he had left a towel close to the stove and it caught fire along with the window curtains and now the whole side of the wall was ablaze. His first instinct was to run to the sink and use the hose on the fire but he couldn’t with how bad the flames were. His mind suddenly went to Di and their baby and he took off to their room. “Di!” He screamed out. If anything were to ever happen to her and their baby he would never ever forgive himself and even though the smoke was filling the room he stayed high trying to get to her as soon as possible. The flames took over the whole room within seconds and he knew within minutes they would both be gone if he didn’t get them out.

Posted: 1 year ago
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    As her lips pressed to his forehead he smiled thankful that she wouldn’t leave. It was something he would fear for a...
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    "Dean…I won’t, ok?" She said once more looking down at him giving him a small smile. She frowned though when she saw him...